What we do:


We teach how to produce music


Learn 10x faster than masterclasses or tutorials


Hardstyle, Hardcore, House, Uptempo, and Techno


Full 1-on 1 LIVE guidance

(No pre-recorded masterclasses!)


Free intake lesson


No expensive gear required

(work from your laptop and headphones)


Affordable prices


Duo teaching possible

Learn with your friend

Online Music production

for everyone

Hi, just a quick introduction,

My name is Steven Tel, better known as DJ Neroz. With over 15 years of producing experience and bookings around the world, I can say that I have mastered the art of Music Production. I started Neroz Productions because I’ve noticed that many potential artists are struggling to take their productions to the next step. 

As owner and main teacher of Neroz Productions, I guarantee  a unique experience to each student and promise maximum growth within a short period of time. Whether you are just starting with Music Production or you want to continue picking up ongoing projects, Neroz Productions offers a wide range of services for students of all ages.

Me and my team difference ourselves by putting the focus on the student and not working with third party plugins. Once a student has mastered the basics in Music Production, they can start looking into third party plugins. In addition, we believe it is important to look at the student’s progression each week and review the homework given.

If you are struggling with YouTube tutorials or masterclasses, I’m pretty confident I can help you to achieve that next step.

Let’s discuss your plans! Set up a free consultation and let’s have a chat.



Steven Tel | Owner & Founder of  Neroz productions

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Our students:

Steven got me well past all of my brick walls as a beginner/advanced producer that I had been stuck on for YEARS, within a matter of hours! He is very easy to understand with a clear and concise teaching method that I found very easy to follow as an English speaking artist.


In many hours I learned a lot of new things; from producing a unique kick to create lead sounds, bass sounds and many other sounds. I got better by the hour, and after a year I am able to produce complete tracks.

Norman (Germany)

Would recommend! I was a student of Steven (Neroz) for years. Not only he teaches you how to produce sounds, but also helps you develop your unique style by giving constant and honest feedback. If you’re a starting producer and want to learn more; this is def the man you want to approach.



As a beginning producer, Steven is helping me with every step i take. Not only he teaches you how to produce sounds, but also gets you in the right direction you want to produce.He is very clear and understandable, and his teaching method is good. If you are stuck or want to make some fast progression, even if you are a complete beginner you are in the right place!!!



The leader of Neroz Productions is the most passionate individual I’ve ever worked with. He does not settle for anything less than the best! Would highly recommend.


United States

Really worth it! Steven explains everything really well and i’ve learned so much! He can teach you new stuff, gives tips and tricks on stuff you’re struggling with, gives honest and helpful feedback on your tracks etc… You can immediately notice that Steven has a lot of experience. I would defitinely recommend to give Neroz Productions a try if you want to bring your music to the next level!



Only two sessions in and my skill has increased dramatically would highly recommend to anybody whether a beginner or advanced producer, neroz productions can help you achieve any goal. Very responsive, helpful and easy to talk to is also another plus, 5 out of 5 for me.



Become the next succesful producer

My team has the proper training and expertise to teach these students at their own pace while improving significantly throughout each lesson.
All genres will contain proper synths, strings, and instruments during the mixing and mastering phase of a track. Be ready to experience the full course, including:


Music Theory


Chord progression


Creating kicks and melodies


Build your own screeches


Unique Samples




And way more..


We offer direct 1-on-1 LIVE guidance. If you have any questions during the lessons, we are more than happy to answer them directly. Check out other unique benefits that Neroz Productions has to offer below.


Start within 3 days!

We strive to schedule your custom made lessons within 3 days. 


Unique samples

If requested, any student is able to receive custom made samples to help them through their learning process.


Depending on the selected package, students are able to receive homework from Neroz Productions. Homework that’s due before next lesson. 

We strive for progression

Our main goal is to focus on our students progress. Together we make sure that goals are set and reached.



Fast, Convenient, Safe

We strive to answer your questions within 24 hours.  Payments are made online through secured connections.

Supported DAW's

Our lessons are currently offered and limited to: FL Studio (Windows/Mac)

More DAW’s will be supported in the future. 




Limited VST's

We strive to teach everone to become the best producer possible. We believe that, once you master the basic VST’s that FL Studio has to offer, you’ll master any other 3rd party VST.


Record your lessons

Every student is allowed to record his/her session with Neroz Productions.
We plan to implement such function in the near future.


Get signed to a label

With over 15 years experience in the scene, Neroz Production has a large database of labels that are always looking for new talent.

Online Music Production for everyone

We customize our private lessons to your personal needs. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced producer, with our custom made lessons there is always room for improvement. Working directly 1-on-1 with a teacher guarantees that you are producing in a focused and constructive way. Via this way it’s much easier to make quick progress. 

No studiomonitors? No problem!

Not owning a fancy pair of Adam or KRK speakers? No worries! What if we told you that certain tracks like ‘Bodyshock’  and ‘Pinsir’ were originally made on a laptop and headphones? To learn music production, a good laptop and a decent pair of headphones are sufficient to start with!



  • Everything about FL Studio (most important functions and plugins)
  • Learn how to create melodies with basic chord progressions
  • Learn all about the mixer
  • Learn all about kicks, screeches and  any other element
  • Learn all about vocals (treatment, recording)
  • Learn all about Equalizing
  • Learn all about Mastering
  • Learn all about Loudness, Compressors and Limiting
  • Learn all about Saturation
  • Learn all about Reeverb
  • Learn all about Volume control
  • Learn all about Sidechaining
  • Learn all about Percussion
  • Anything on request

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