Hello! Allow me to introduce myself,

My name is Steven Tel, also known as DJ Neroz. With 15 years of production experience and bookings all around the world, I can confidently say that I have a strong grasp of music production. I started Neroz Productions because I noticed that there are many potential artists who struggle to progress or get discouraged by YouTube tutorials.

At Neroz Productions, I guarantee that every student will have a unique experience and will undergo significant growth within a short period. Whether you’re starting with no experience in music production or looking to further develop ongoing projects, Neroz Productions offers a wide range of services for students of all ages.

What sets us apart is our focus on building from the fundamentals, prioritizing the student’s needs, and not getting overly caught up with third-party plugins. Once a student has a solid grasp of the basics, they can explore third-party plugins. Additionally, we emphasize reviewing the student’s progress on a weekly basis and assessing the assigned homework.

“I’ve noticed that many people find YouTube tutorials difficult to follow, often skipping important steps. I can assist you by dedicating intensive one-on-one sessions to guide you through the process.”

Steven Tel